Hey there

My name is Daniel Rose and welcome to my website.

There are three things I love!



and Coffee!

Dogs have been a part of my life and business for almost 10 years now. I am a sought after Dog Trainer in Australia and I also own a successful Doggy Daycare, am a qualified Personal Trainer and Kettbell Coach, I also have CrossFit Level 1 trainer (CF-L1).

I have clients from all walks of life and fitness levels, that have wanted to lose weight, develop strength and speed and just get their body ready for the up-coming Dog Sport season. So don’t be shy about joinging in. I welcome people and their dogs that are at all fitness levels.

Why Dogs and Deadlifts?

This website, Dogs and Deadlifts, brings together two elements in life that I am truly passionate about.  I believe that both can actually have an everlasting impact for both human and dogs.

In this website you’ll find specific and targeted information to help people with their Fitness, Weightloss and their dogs via my blog, videos and webinar training sessions.

One of my favorite things to do is help others break through their personal Health and Fitness Goals, and give dogs the best chane of life, whether a young puppy or a rescue dog looking at a second chance in life. 

My Personal Mission: 

To touch the lives in a positive way of 1 million people and their dogs, to  assist them in creating a healthier and happier lifestyle. 

” We are all some form of Athlete, ensure you consider yourself one, not just your dog. 

Please feel free browse my website, and reach out with any questions.



Here Are A Few Things I Look For When Considering Working With Someone…

  • Someone who is coachable i.e. wants to learn and is open to constructive critque versus what they want to hear

  • Someone with ambition, goals and dreams

  • Someone hungry, with a burning desire for success

  • Someone dependable

  • Someone self motivated

  • Someone who cares more about achieving their dreams than they do about what others think.

  • Someone who loves there dog as much as themselves.

  • When it comes to dogs/puppies, I work with all breeds and ages.

Here are just a few ways you can move forward from here:


  1. Search my website
  2. Subscribe to my updates
  3. Buy one of my products
  4. Book me for a WOD With Your Dog Workshop at your gym
  5. Hire me as a personal coach

    If you have something else in mind, other than what I have outlined, feel free to email me.