Personal Training in Townsville North Queensland

Are you looking for a Personal Training  in Townsville? Dogs and Deadlifts provides personal training in Townsville, Australia that will help you to reach your health and fitness goals.

Dogs and Deadlifts one-on-one Personal Training/ Individual Programming sessions are focused on helping people achieve their Strength and Mobility therefore being able to enjoy everyday at it’s best. We offer Functional Training, High Intensity Cross Training Style & love our Kettlebell Workouts.


Dogs and Deadlfit Personal Training/ Individual Programming, I offer a variety of functional training methods that put simply will ensure you move better and be stronger in everyday life. Program design is conduct after an initial FREE consultation and your Program is delivered directly to your smart phone or computer, Video analysis of your training can be performed and feedback given.

 The benefits to Individual program design are countless. You can enjoy an increased focus on reaching your personal goals while preventing injuries.

I am Nothing like your normal PT’s, I live and breathe fitness, coffee & dogs and are always on hand to help you any time.

I play cool music (mostly) and believe Fridays afternoons are for Garth Brooks which is essential part of any good Friday afternoon “at the bar” when dead lifting. 

I will not encourage you to eat carrot sticks and celery. We also won’t discourage you from drinking coffee.

I have no place for egos. Check them at the door, or find find another PT

Another training philosophy here at Dog and Deadlift’s is simply move better, be stronger.

All programs result in you moving better, gaining flexibility, improving stamina, building lean muscle and getting stronger — both physically and mentally.

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