with Scorpion Strength and Conditioning

Today’s Gym dog spotlight comes in from Cairns North Queensland Australia

Business Name:
Scorpion Strength and Conditioning

Business location: Smithfield, Cairns, North Queensland, Australia

Contact details: 0499 750 007

Owners Name: Andy McLaren

Can you tell us a little about your business?
We are a family owned and operated gym in Cairns.
We have been open for around 3 years but previous to this ran bootcamps and mobile or sessions.
Georgie one of our coaches (also wife of Andy) used to be an ED nurse but left after doing PT quals. Has lost 30kg through eating well and S&C training and is now focused on Powerlifting for her own goals and is entering her first Comp in April.

Coach Andy is ex-military and also an ex-nurse who used to do boxing in the army and as a part time hobby. He is now fully focused on strength and conditioning style of training and enters competitions regularly both on his own and with other gym members.

What is your Gym Dog’s Name: Louie

Gym Dog Breed: Chihuahua cross

Tell us about your Dog: Where did you get him/her, why that breed of dog, what he likes to do during the day etc.

We got him from yaps our local rescue home we just fell In love with him because he was shaking and looked
so vulnerable and lost we knew he’d come to a good home.
He is a little bit of a rat bag (a gym rat in fact,) he loves chasing wallabies and goannas where we live as he’s small enough to fly out through the cat flap and chase them.

He loves attention but pretends he hates it, anyone new and he starts putting on an act of shaking and snarling but as soon as he is stroked he’s fine, he has hardly any teeth left so he’s harmless but he like to live up to the roll of being a grumpy old man with short dog issues.

Your Dog’s Favorite Place at the gym?
He likes to sit on top of the plyo boxes like Lord Muck so he can eagle eye everyone and he is then bigger and higher up than any other dogs that come in

Are members allowed to bring dogs along to your gym?
Yes as long as they check with us first

Do you feel having a dog has a positive impact on your clients?
Yes it is a common ground, a talking point and helps ease nerves of newer clients

Anything else about your dog, you would like to add?

Yeah he once escaped from the back yard through an elaborate escape hatch he had designed and followed me on a run that I was doing from my home to the gym and I didnt realise as I had my Headphones in, that he was jaywalking up the high way and I had no idea why cars were beeping at me.  He was stopping traffic literally and I was oblivious to it all .. Eventually I realised and was so embarrassed but I then had to carry him 3 km like a baby to the gym … Now I just take him with me.