Gym Dog Spotlight

Business Name: Revolution Personal Training

Business location: 17A Market Street, South Melbourne

Contact details:

1300 362 311

Owners Name: Luke Scott
Can you tell us a little about your business? We are a personal and group training gym that helps people from all walks of life to create a fitter, healthier, stronger and happier version of themselves.

What is your Gym Dog’s Name: We are lucky enough to have two.

Betty and Sherman

Gym Dog Breed: Boston Terrier

Tell us about your Dog: Where did you get him/her, why that breed of dog, what he likes to do during the day etc.

We got our dogs from a breeder in Tasmania after a hell of a lot of research. They are from the same litter of pups and inseparable.

We wanted dogs that like to be active when they are out an about but that are happy to be relaxed when at home or in a space like the gym.

We wanted dogs that were going to be great with people and children and they are amazing with my two sons.

Betty loves to jump and chew things all day. Sherman just loves to be with people. He’d be happy sitting at my feet under the desk everyday.

Your Dog’s Favorite Place at the gym? In the office or just outside of the front door in the sun.

I am quite passionate about Olympic Lifting which they actually hate. So as soon as I state to train they kind of like to hide in the office. I think the noise… and maybe my grunting and heaving has them thinking that I’m dying…

Are members allowed to bring dogs along to your gym? Occasionally… This is on a case by case basis and is determined by the time of the day and how many people will generally be in the gym. We are not a huge space which makes things somewhat complicated to accommodate for this in our peak times.

Do you feel having a dog has a positive impact on your clients? 100% they are a huge part of breaking down barriers and helping to create a friendly and relaxed environment. We often get people walking in off the street wanting to just say hello to them. Can I get them included in our marketing budget?

Anything else about your dog, you would like to add? Betty has the highest recorded box jump of any Boston Terrier, ever. *unofficial


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