GYM DOG SPOTLIGHT- IronStone Fitness








Business Name:   IronStone Fitness

Business Location: 1/212 Princes Hwy, Bairnsdale, VIC, 3875

Contact details:  0401048880 or

Owners Details: Jody Cole

Can you tell us a little about your business: IronStone commence in the garage in Sept 2015, and word quickly spread around about IronStone. We outgrew our garage and expanded to a larger premises (which took way longer than expected to get approvals from council) and haven’t looked back since.

What’s your dogs name: Havoc (H)

Gym Dog Breed: AM Staffy

Tell us about your dog: Havoc was found after an extensive search of Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, he had to have the right temperament to suit my other boy Chaos (English Staffy), after 8 weeks of searching Havoc was found!. Havoc LOVES being with people, and during the day enjoys annoying the neighbourhood by barking at passing cats, hoomans and anything else that walks along the footpath and a sleep in the sun.

Your dogs favourite place at the gym: Havoc loves being on the floor checking people’s form and stealing pats

Are members allowed to bring dogs along to your gym? Others are allowed to bring their dogs to the gym, however they must follow gym etiquette.

Do you feel having a dog has a positive impact on your clients? Having a dog in the gym definitely has a positive impact on the people attending the gym, and those that bring their dog also enjoy being able to socialise their dog in a safe environment.

Anything else about your dog that you would like to add? H just loves attention and when the attention isn’t on him, he can give the look of ‘woe is me, nobody loves me’ even if 2 seconds ago he was getting pats (or a sneaky treat)