Business Name: CrossFit Richmond

Business location: 116 Murphy street Richmond Vic

Contact details:

Owners Name: Kath and Adam Mackay

Can you tell us a little about your business?

We affiliated as CrossFit Richmond in 2011, and we are situated in the busy Melbourne suburb of Richmond which is full of cafes, pubs, restaurants and sporting arenas.

Those that live in Richmond joke that we live on ‘the island’ as there really is no need to venture elsewhere. Our members often walk, ride bikes or catch a tram to the gym and we are lucky to have an amazing strong membership of close to 200 members.

We walk to work with Millie our dog (or Adam takes her running alongside his electric skateboard) and we are so blessed to be able to have her with us all day at the gym!

What is your Gym Dog’s Name: Millie

Gym Dog Breed: Hungarian Vizsla

Tell us about your Dog: Where did you get him/her, why that breed of dog, what he likes to do during the day etc.

Millie was born in Tasmania. Her breeder (Kathy Austin) has a great social media page which I was following. We had lost our previous dog only about 12 months earlier and I wasn’t sure I was ready for another dog. But Adam and I kept watching this Facebook page daily after deciding our next dog would be a Vizsla and when one of the intended owners pulled out we jumped to take this little girl that needed a home.

The Vizsla breed has a nickname of ‘velcro’ as they want to be stuck to your leg or cuddled up beside you.

Vizslas are not a dog for the inactive! Ha, she needs constant walking, running, playing and wrestling with other dogs!!

Your Dog’s Favorite Place at the gym?

Favourite spot is out on the gym floor amongst the action. If there’s other dogs she goes into the doggy playground area just outside the gym (a fully enclosed space we created for gym dogs)

Are members allowed to bring dogs along to your gym?

100% yes!!

Do you feel having a dog has a positive impact on your clients?

Amazing impact on our clients. People love dogs! Dogs love action and a CF box is full of action!

Anything else about your dog, you would like to add?

She is only 6.5months old and the best addition to our lives ever!!!










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