Gym Dog Spotlight

Business Name: CrossFit Haapu

Business location: 3/9 Northview Street, Mermaid Beach, Gold Coast

Contact details: 0452 456 170

Owners Name: Renee Hoffman and Sue Osborn

Can you tell us a little about your business? We begun as CrossFit 4220 in 2014 and recently moved and rebranded our box to CrossFit Haapu in memory of our late friend Matt Haapu. Matt passed away in Nov 2017 after an aggressive fight with cancer and this is our way of continuing his legacy. We are a close knit community but always welcome of visitors and their dogs.

What is your Gym Dog’s Name: Wallace

Gym Dog Breed: Boxer

Tell us about your Dog: Wallace was purchased online from a registered SA breeder in 2013. I fell in love with him the moment he arrived and he’s been part of our family ever since. We chose the boxer breed for their outgoing and playful personalities. Wallace is a one of a kind. He loves people and swimming. He’d spend all day in our pool in summer if he could.

Your Dog’s Favorite Place at the gym? Out the front to greet everyone

Are members allowed to bring dogs along to your gym? Yes, we welcome dogs to the gym.

Do you feel having a dog has a positive impact on your clients? Absolutely, everyone loves Wallace for his charming behavior. He smooches up to the ladies and then puffs his chest out for the boys. He’s a real man’s dog, he loves getting roughed up.

Anything else about your dog, you would like to add? Please follow Wallace on Facebook at Wallace Osborn.


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