Gym Dog Spotlight

Business Name: CrossFit Fornix

Business location: 4/4 Aristotle Close, Golden Grove SA 5125

Contact details: 0401 331 899,

Owners Name: Louise Benoit


Can you tell us a little about your business?

CrossFit Fornix isn’t just a CrossFit box. We don’t do 12-week challenges, we don’t do #NewYearNewYou, we do life, and life takes a while. Our purpose is to build strong, healthy, kind, capable, useful BAMF’s that can play with their grandkids pain free when they are 80 years old. We are a small family, but we have a big heart. It’s not about what you do, it’s about how you do it. Life is a long game, and as such, we cater to the needs and goals of our athletes whilst paying attention to the long game with our programming making sure we are firing on all cylinders, the bolts are tight and the tyres pumped.

What is your Gym Dog’s Name: Chip & Ruby

Gym Dog Breed: American Staffy X Ridgeback

Tell us about your Dog: Where did you get him/her, why that breed of dog, what he likes to do during the day etc.

We got both Chip and Ruby from the same litter, they are brother and sister. We knew we wanted robust dogs that would be tough but loving. As soon as we laid eyes on Chip, he was running at us trying to get out of the pen to play with us. And Ruby… little miss Ruby… she didn’t want a bar of anyone, hiding herself in the corner.

At home, they both love to sleep on the couch. It’s their favorite. Chip stretches out as long as he can and Ruby balls herself up in the corner. They go outside and chase one another around the back yard and then come back in and go back to sleep on the couch.

Their favorite place in the world is ‘The Dog Park’. Chip squeals with anticipation as we drive by the street it is on and Ruby sits to attention. Running the fence line racing other dogs is quite literally their favorite thing in the world. We even see them dream about it.

CrossFit Fornix  

We have beds for them set up underneath the bench at the front of the gym where they like to sleep, however Ruby has a soft spot for the concrete wall and likes to slouch up against this and watch people train. Chip on the other hand prefers to sleep on the wooden lifting platform in the middle of the gym. Just so he can be near people, and right in the way.

Are members allowed to bring dogs along to your gym?


Do you feel having a dog has a positive impact on your clients?

I am positive that some clients only come to the gym because we have the dogs there… In fact I am certain. We have had several clients ‘jokingly’ say this to us before but I think it is more like the highlight of their day. The dogs get spoilt by all the clients with all of the pats and sneaky feeds.

In regard to mental health, the dogs have had a massive impact. How can you be mad, upset or shitty when you have puppies-doggies around??? The dogs are very important to one client in particular. Every time she comes in she has a routine of sitting and patting the dogs before getting changed to train, and then sitting and patting the dogs after she has finished the WOD prior to going home.

Anything else about your dog, you would like to add?

They really are the best thing that we have done for the gym. They bring so much to our lives and everyone else’s who is a part of Fornix. It is incredibly hard to put it all into words on paper.